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It's really hard (sadly) to explain these things without sounding like a b*tch while stopping a show, but it is something members do have to realize. Sorry if I come off that way at all. I'm not trying to be whiney. I'm simply answering questions I've gotten in pm, mail and chat in the past, and hopefully shedding some perspective. Feel free to send me messages.

There are many reasons aside from just wanting to bring a smile to a camgirl friend's face, but I guess what it mainly boils down to is if the member appreciates the camgirl's time spent on cam. If the member does, they'll buy an account purchase tokens and spend at least a little here and there, perhaps promoting in lounge when they can't if not they forever stay basics and guests. *shrug

you can watch forever.

Mainly from what I've seen is it really is a game changer once members start to realize that cammodels don't just do things by the script, we only get a cut no matter what site we work on, we don't get company benefits retirement or insurance and we run many sites. If not multiple camsites, than we normally run multiple social, video, picture sites etc. I manage around 20 sites every day including my days off. We do all of these things by ourselves and it is normally sink or swim. We don't get any guide books it's only what we find on the internet to go on.

Taxes- Unlike many we don’t get money taken out of our checks for taxes (and taxes are higher for freelance contractors), instead we often have to pay minimums of high hundreds-thousands of dollars to the government quarterly...and we get fined big time if we don't pay up quarterly. You know how regular people go to regular 8 hr jobs and everyone there has to do their own piece of the work for things to run smoothly? Well now imagine doing an entire corporations job by, not just your building. I mean as a cammer you are CEO, president and sole-stockholder of your company of you, and you have to figure out how to convince people you’re awesome enough to be tipped. Oh, now imagine a ton of people watching you work, but not paying just loitering. Oh, and if you throw them out it ruins your business because:

If you throw out loiterers you come off as rude to everyone, and even the people who pay leave. Not only that, but many who don't tip on camsites pay for clips on other sites...and you don't nessecarily know which ones will do this if they go by different names. Unlike many sex workers, we are more likely to not be able to do certain jobs like teaching, and nursing. 

Also, many other kinds of sex workers would rather do stripping or prostitution than camming, because of it’s online permanence.

Anonymous people who we can’t put a restraining order on (I know because I had to deal with a situation once) , will contact camgirls constantly harassing them. Some we can ban, some we can’t. Even if we ban this can put us in a bad mood. This is bad because our income relies so much on attitude, and we don’t get paid by the hour. Please think before you post rude/criticizing/harassing comments. It would be better to mail the camgirl than say something to ruin her work time on cam.

You aren't just paying for porn subscription with us.

You're paying for:

Tube sites don't give you interaction. You can't have a model moan your name there for instance. Dating takes building groundwork, so if you want interaction...camsites are your best bet. If you don't tip once in a while though (even a small amount say...once a month or so, a cammer will feel like you don't nessecarily appreciate them for the time they spend with you. Sure life events come up, but if you spend ages in a cammer's room without tipping, be prepared for hurt feelings.

Pictures and videos-which take a ton of time to make. On average a 5 minute video will take around 20 minutes to just film, not including edit. It also takes a lot of time to work on all of the sites we upload them.

Twitter, tumblr or various other social media.

Quality equipment and lighting for a more enjoyable experience for both.